I do consider the outcome of the time I spend while I perform anything. This has been like an obsession for me. This was the reason that I turned the blog off, though I have been going back and forth about it. Yet, this morning, while driving to the school, I listened to a talk that was reminding how bad it is to keep silent while one can do something. I mechanically asked again, who cares my blog? And answered with the famous story of an ant and Abraham: I am a little bird, and Abraham is virtues.

Little Bird
That’s me

Another reason for my return to blogging is related to my studies and research. I got excited again when I learn something new about cutting edge research and read some papers related to my field. I would like to share my findings with others who might benefit from my experiences and results.

Third, I am an art/creature/machine/animal (whatever you call it) who has some serious difficulty with keeping itself away from illusions. I think that’s the case for many more fellow human beings out there. So, I would like to share my observations, experiences, opinions and feelings about self-awareness and consciousness.

Fourth, I have a Turkish background which has many beauties in itself, some of which might not be well known by the rest of the world. I am a dough formed in a land which has a long history and rich culture. You know, sharing is caring :)

I would like to finish my first post with a famous Computer Scientist proverb:

Hello World


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