I am interested in computational social science. Lots of new social data is being accumulated and waiting to be analyzed computationally which sounds so cool.

Ok. So, you might ask me how long I’ve gone so far about it, here it is:

Big Data (Cloud Computing), Data Mining for Multimedia Data (Time Series, Text Mining), Machine Learning, Social Networks, Complex Networks, Graph Theory and Combinatorics are what I have been dealing with for the last few years with my new polished toolset in Java & Python. BTW, I used to be a C & Perl guy.

Another heavenly shift besides the programming languages was my move to retina displays (along with OS X and IOS) which help me a lot in terms of organization and eye health :-). Also, I developed some basic apps both in IOS & Android, and now I am more ready to realize my potential mobile inspirations :)

I am a kaggler and ranked 8th among 97 teams in bestbuy mobile hackathon organized by ACM and hosted by kaggle.com last year.


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